IQA consultants work with teams to achieve improved performance, culture and wellbeing. This involves:

  • high quality diagnostics (using for example Lencioni’s team model, VIA strengths or other validated tools) which are debriefed in context
  • bespoke design and delivery of a combination of interventions (team workshops, management coaching and other initiatives) which have high success rates in driving more constructive  behaviours and ways of thinking
  • qualitative and quantitative evaluation to ensure progress is measured and sustained.

Teams at any stage of their life cycle can benefit from this work on at least an annual basis. Establishing new or significantly revamped teams or services is a particularly pivotal time because explicitly and implicitly team norms and culture are formed. IQA consultants are skilled at working with teams in this formative period, setting them up for success, as well as at other stages of team maturity.

“Many thanks for a useful and well executed team session. I have received some excellent feedback from the team regarding this. Again thank you very much for your outstanding contribution.” Associate Professor, Australian National University.