Parasoft is shaking up the Test API and Service Virtualisation market early in 2017 with its aggressive pricing strategy for API testing tools.

Parasoft has been a strong player in the API and Service Virtualisation space for many years, but often out of the hands of small and medium sized teams due to its enterprise positioning, pricing and strategy.

The gloves have been taken off in 2017 by Parasoft entering this captive market to compete directly with Smartbear.  Many more users will now get a chance first hand to experience the capabilities of Parasoft products.

Parasoft has been recognised consistently by industry analysts as being easy to use, having strong protocol support and a breadth of out of the box functionality.  In 2016 Forrester recognised Parasoft as the leader in functional test automation.  And, in Voke’s August 2016 report placed Parasoft’s Service Virtualisation capability 1st in innovation and technology.

Side by Side comparison

Smartbear is Parasoft’s nearest competitor on price who also isn’t abashed to provide its pricing publicly, with instant download and access.

Pricing $USD1,798 $USD1,250

Comparing the two offerings side by side Parasoft leads the price battle by 30%.

Parasoft now also offers a Service Virtualisation Community Edition complimentary for SOAPUI users wanting to take advantage of Service Virtualisation without upgrading to a paid Smartbear ServiceV license.

Impact on the Enterprise market

While some features are held back for the Enterprise versions of Parasoft’s products, enterprise buyers are going to have to answer some pretty tough questions not to consider Parasoft as a low risk entry option into API Testing and Service Virtualisation, and for existing consumers of Enterprise Service Virtualisation a good reason to review existing commercial models and ongoing OPEX costs.