Don’t be put off by the cost estimates from your Test team that use a traditional approach to verifying what is largely a technical activity. There are other approaches you can adopt that will be more cost effective and timely. My team at IntegrationQA recently built a custom middleware migration testing framework that radically reduces the implementation costs associated with major upgrades or migration of middleware technologies.

Here’s how the team approached it

Our client is planning to migrate from Oracle BPEL 10g to 11g. The IntegrationQA team built an Oracle BPEL framework to support the planned upgrade.  Prior to the framework being built the traditional approach would have been to commission one of two end to end environments for several weeks to setup and configure the environment appropriately then exercise a set of manual API and then end to end tests.

With the framework built and embedded into the developer build and release process the time required to verify business and technical changes was reduced to seconds.  The responsibility and ownership on this framework is on development, reducing the need for additional test resource to maintain, support and verify.

This shift allows test to concentrate on ‘real’ issues the business identify that have high risk. By removing the need for test to be involved in a “fix it” phase, their effort spent on the project becomes an appropriate ratio to the technical implementation changes proposed.

Key to this capability is IntegrationQA’s team, their areas of expertise and the iQA Testing Toolkit. The team is comprised of highly trained developers and architects who have put on a quality hat to approach Quality Assurance from a technical perspective.  They are able to approach testing from a completely different angle by using their intimate knowledge of the systems being migrated; the technical risks associated with the migration; and the appropriate test techniques to adopt.

Now fully integrated with Parasoft Event Monitor and Service Virtualisation.



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