GSFA Managed Service

IntegrationQA partner with the New Zealand Government Superannuation Fund Authority (GSF) to maintain an ongoing efficient, stable platform to administer GSF schemes for its members.

IntegrationQA was selected by GSF through a rigorous public tender process to manage its IT platform underpinned by Microsoft technologies and hosted in AWS.

GSF sought a partner that could provide guardianship of its platform.  IntegrationQA proposed a model where minimising risk was paramount and quality was embedded into all activities.  A key consideration was the ability to make small regular changes with confidence.

“Since taking over the managed service we have strengthened our relationship and trust by adopting a regular cadence of small changes aligned to an agreed technology roadmap aimed at reducing risk over time and maintaining n-1.”  Chris Wellington, IntegrationQA CEO.

The team continue to evolve its cross functional skills, managing some tried and trusted technologies including AWS, Terraform, Atlassian Confluence, Jira, BitBucket, Jenkins, OpsGenie, GitLab pipelines and Octopus Deploy.