“Good corporate governance is about ‘intellectual honesty’ and not just sticking to rules and regulations…” – Mervyn King

How do you know that your organisation is achieving it’s goals? You have established a strategy, put in place a programme of change.  How can you be sure that you are achieving the outcomes established in the strategy.

Good governance starts with asking good questions.  iQA’s consultant’s can help you establish a fit for framework that will ensure that the right people are empowered to ask the right questions at the right time and thus make the right decisions.

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  • Establishing lean governance for:
    • Programmes;
    • Projects;
    • ICT organsition; and
    • Business units.
  • Establishing risk management for;Programmes;
    • Projects;
    • ICT organisation; and
    • Business units.
  • Reviewing governance and/or risk management structure; including:
    • GCIO Programme and Project Assurance; and
    • Review and audit of programme and project health.