Brilliance in workshop design and facilitation is a prerequisite for iQA facilitators because we know how pivotal these elements are for any workshop to be successful. There are many times when having an expert, independent facilitator can make a significant difference – iQA incorporates facilitated workshops in many of its services and we also offer facilitation services as a stand alone offering.  This could for strategic/business planning, reviews, specific leadership or team challenges and a myriad of other purposes.

As facilitation process experts, we start with understanding key objectives, parameters and group characteristics which then feed into a high quality workshop design. In the workshop setting, the IQA facilitator is highly attuned and skilled at working with group dynamics, helping ensure maximum participation and engagement, adapting to emerging needs and directions while being focused on key outcomes. We help to ensure there is  commitment in the room to follow-up actions so the workshop generates real value.

My gratitude for the fantastic organisation of the workshops and the excellent facilitation – would not have worked without you.” Senior Executive, Australian Public Service