Functional areas blaming each other for delays and failures, a lack of accountability and transparency of work, and difficulty completing initiatives that required cross functional collaboration. Two previous experiments had failed, and this was the third iteration.


Our change hypothesis was that creating a situation where staff could work co-located in a collaborative environment, clear priority and shared responsibility would increase their productivity and remove silos.

We prepared a package of work and proposed co-locating a team for two weeks. We provided a coach to support the team. We invited and presented the approach to Directors and their SES to gain approval to trailthe  new multidisciplinary team approach.


Sceptics became positive and supportive when the team were able to:

  • enable the faster delivery of a valuable solution when silo barriers were broken
  • build empathy and positive relationships between team members across functional silos; and
  • prove to senior leaders that working collaboratively added more value faster and reduced risk.


We led the team to deliver a working proof of concept and we were able to demonstrate it in action. This accomplished in two weeks what several teams had been trying to complete for over a year.