A strategic programme was struggling to deliver. Teams were working on projects that were misaligned with each other, and with customer needs. After over a year and significant rework, the teams were struggling to agree, focus and deliver on key outcomes. Business product owners were disengaged.


Our hypothesis was that the program could deliver value and build customer engagement by:

  1. aligning the work between the teams, and
  2. demonstrating value delivered to the business.

IntegrationQA coached the teams to clarify, align and prioritise their delivery plans.


The team was fundamentally challenged by this way of working. Despite this, they collaborated to prepare and showcase their product and roadmap to the Senior Executive product owner.

The showcase:

  • demonstrated progress and commitment to the Senior Executive business owner,
  • proved to program leaders that being open and transparent about delivery challenges reduced risk and aligned effort to the real business need, and
  • demonstrated to the teams the benefits of aligning their work.


The program managers supported their teams to continually align their services to customer needs. The teams began regularly engaging with each other and with the business to continually align their work with outcomes. As the teams demonstrated delivery in subsequent showcases, engagement from business owners steadily grew.