Coaching is increasingly recognised as one of the best ways to achieve professional goals and development for those in leadership roles. Partnering with an iQA coach enables a high quality, individually customised focus on a leader’s unique strengths, challenges and context in ways that build lasting leadership capabilities.

Leaders are often required to achieve significant improvement or transformation – this often means leading differently than they have in the past. IQA coaching is a great way to support and enable this.

IQA’s executive and management coaching practice draws on a wide range of evidence-based theories, tools and practical strategies which are customised to the goals of each individual client. In the service of enhancing leadership effectiveness, some specific goals could include:

  • leading and managing transformation and change
  • managing performance to achieve excellence in yourself and others
  • ​lifting the engagement and motivation levels of people you lead
  • improving communication skills for challenging situations
  • resolving conflict
  • building resilience, confidence and wellbeing
  • adapting and thriving during times of uncertainty.

“I’ve participated in a lot of leadership development programs but your coaching had such depth and clarity for me, and I know I’m a better leader as a result.” Senior manager, ACT Government.

If you would to understand more, please drop our practice leader Ric Taylor a quick message.