iQA’s Digital Advisory Services


At iQA we believe all organisations deserve a low barrier of entry to the digital economy – especially now. We have designed a digital advisory service for you that ensures each ICT dollar you spend creates measurable, increased value to your mission and transcends traditional ways of doing business.

Let’s make sense of your:

  • Strengths

  • Challenges,

  • Objectives, and

  • Existing investment.

We’ll look at what success feels like for you and codevelop an achievable and iterative roadmap to increase your effectiveness as a digital organisation. We will specifically call out workstreams and actions. We will help you assign responsibility and right-size governance to ensure planned benefits are realised in a measurable and repeatable way, without overheads and manual rework.

iQA believes in lending a hand to our neighbours. Some may think it is unrealistic for a profit-driven business to sustain partnerships with the non-profit and NGO sectors: we beg to differ! We have developed a service specifically to support small to medium enterprises, peak bodies, and not for profit organisations to harness those digital capabilities normally reserved for large corporate and government clients – CIO as a Service.

We bring real CIO expertise to the table, with decades of managing ICT services across many industries. We remain centred on the experience of users of ICT services and the satisfaction of the staff delivering those services when we develop an uplift program.

We will take the hard work and high cost out of your ICT so you can concentrate on making the world a better place. Nothing makes us happier!

Our digital roadmap service is delivered for as little as $15,000 ex GST and within a month if desired.

Our CIO as a Service subscription gives you world-class CIO access and support for strategic decisions around digital futures through to on the ground help to fix your file system. CIOaaS starts from as little as $995 per year. To find out more please download our CIOaaS brochure.

It’s a no brainer really!

Contact iQA today and magnify the good you do with the best digital advisor.

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