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IntegrationQA’s cloud platform enables you to perform a variety of non production activities from sandpit application build, deployment and testing to system, penetration, performance and automated regression testing.  The lab can be scaled to support small or large teams and consumed, hourly, daily, monthly or annually. Our adoption of continuous build, integration and testing means the lab can be cloned on demand or reset at any time.

Our managed lab provides the right level of security and governance in context for non-production use. Traditional infrastructure teams simply don’t get the difference between production and non-production systems and the constraints they place on design, development and testing teams who need the freedom to quickly provision, configure, and experiment with new technologies or new product versions.


  • Secure isolated network design.
  • Ability to connect to other cloud based or on premise systems.
  • Virtual developer desktop machines.
  • Virtual application server machines for load generation, build, CI, or AUT.
  • Leveraging AWS, with future support via Azure through our docker container design.
  • Backup, data retention and source control integration via GitLab.
  • Automated provisioning framework for all security, network, virtualization, application and configuration settings.

Add-on Capabilities

  • GitLab, Jenkins, TeamCity Azure DevOps build servers.
  • Automated regression testing including support for SAP, Oracle, IBM.
  • API Testing for all your standard protocols including SOAP, REST, MQ, JMS, AS2.
  • Service Virtualization.
  • Penetration and Security testing.
  • Load, soak, and performance testing.
  • Static code analysis and data flow analysis of your C, C++, Java, dotNet code.
  • Web application testing including Salesforce.


All prices are in USD, with the lab being hosted in your local AWS zone.

  • Barebones lab from $7 per hour.
  • Full suite of add-on’s for $33 per hour.

High level overview of PICS

Our Pre-production integrated cloud service provides connectivity to on premise, hosted cloud or a sandpit for innovation or technical assessments.

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