Pre-production Integration Cloud Services (PICS) Case Study

Our client works with a number of partners across NZ to provision and troubleshoot field issues. In order for partners to onboard new staff, the client provides a full stack environment for training. This environment was expensive and complex to run.

The client was keen to reduce the effort and cost to support and manage environments for its partners. Infrastructure staff were overburdened with work and the associated project team had imminent deadlines. There was a concern around disrupting current workload as well as the risk of trying something new.

They wanted to:

  • Reduce the footprint and complexity of the environment by removing core system interactions and diminishing third party lab costs.
  • Check that the removed system interactions could be simulated and configured quickly.
  • Find defects earlier in the process and establish whether infrastructure could be automatically created and removed as code when idle.

IntegrationQA’s solution was to leverage its hosted and supported pre-production integrated cloud service stack. Using an Ansible playbook to automatically provision AWS infrastructure and Parasoft Environment Manager and Service Virtualisation software, the software could be configured to simulate training environment requirements.

IntegrationQA was able to prove that a cloud capability could securely and easily connect to the client’s existing cloud and on-premise infrastructure.

The results:

  • All interactions could be simulated.
  • The infrastructure could be automatically created and removed as code.
  • Bugs were found earlier when adding new features to the partner exposed application.

The client was able to prove new technology and processes without disrupting project deadlines and was happy to recommend the approach for wider adoption to stakeholders.