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Pre-production Integration Cloud Services (PICS) Case Study

Our client works with a number of partners across NZ to provision and troubleshoot field issues. In order for partners to onboard new staff, the client provides a full stack environment for training. This environment was expensive and complex to run.

The client was keen to reduce the effort and cost to support and manage environments for its partners. Infrastructure staff were overburdened with work and the associated project team had imminent deadlines. There was a concern around disrupting current workload as well as the risk of trying something new.

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Web Services Middleware Rules Engine Case Study

This case study provides an insight into IntegrationQA’s web service based middleware execution framework implemented within one of New Zealand’s leading banks. This framework saved our client’s project $300,000 in test resourcing costs alone. This saving represented a 50% cost reduction to the original budget for this phase of the project. IntegrationQA was engaged to provide an approach to testing their Internet banking rules engine.

Our client was searching for an alternative test solution after initial estimates were so high that the project’s feasibility was being questioned. In order for our client to gain confidence in the approach, a proof of concept was undertaken for 6 weeks that enabled the client to ensure the framework could be implemented within its complex environment.

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Web Services Middleware Testing Case Study

The following case study provides an insight into integrationQA’s applied knowledge of SOA testing methods for a large multi-national banking client’s New Zealand testing practice, this engagement successfully saved the client $2.1 million in testing and development costs, in accordance with defect cost valuations by the client’s own internal processes. The key component under test in this case study was the client’s ESB; a message broker component built using IBM WebSphere technology, which featured 80+ services and 750+ operations. This component represented a single point of failure within the infrastructure for which the client had no specific testing solution tailored.

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VMWare vCloud Case Study

One of the New Zealand government’s largest departments is migrating its software testing platform from the physical world to the virtual world, empowering its development teams to create and launch new testing environments in minutes. This revolution enables testing to commence at a much earlier stage and allows multiple projects to be tested in parallel. Not only does this reduce the time taken to complete projects, it also significantly improves both their quality and reliability. The government agency has over 1000 employees spread across multiple offices throughout New Zealand.

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IBM Datapower White Paper

IntegrationQA has built a test framework specifically tailored to the IBM Datapower applicance. The framework taps into the heart of the appliance to extract event logging, system configuration and system metrics to run tests that include interoperability, security, performance and best practice.

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Integration Maturity Assessment White Paper

Integration is a critical component of an organisation’s technological landscape. It is often a central component that is impacted by change to any one of a number of systems. Due to this inherent importance and volatility, it is crucial that organisations have high quality processes and tools in place to govern, implement and manage integration assets.

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Integration Implementation Advanced Services White Paper

IntegrationQA’s Integration Implementation practice provides independent specialist expertise to clients who are implementing an integration solution. A successful integration implementation requires specialised governance and planning to ensure that the outcome meets the strategic vision and business objectives. We provide timely and practical advice in order to decrease risk, minimise rework, increase productivity and reduce the overall test effort

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iQA ToolKit White Paper

In order to significantly reduce test design and test development effort IntegrationQA has built a pre-configured toolkit of integration test patterns. Optimising reuse between testing projects, reducing test cycle times and increasing the coverage and quality of the testing undertaken.

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