IntegrationQA are a Select Amazon Partner with Reseller and Professional Services capabilities across New Zealand and Australia.

IntegrationQA’s Cloud team are experienced with architecting, assessing and remediating AWS accounts. They are able to meet any demands for migrating on-premise applications of any size, as well as architecting and developing different applications in a cloud native way. We understand how best to build and run your cloud environments to get the best out of the cloud, we engineer for security, reliability and cost optimisation.

We can help you with:

Cloud Reseller Offering

  • iQA will transact your AWS bill in local currency, making it easier for you, and ensuring your bill is paid on time
  • We can also provide value added services

Cloud Enablement Offering

  • run your current workload and offer support
  • review your current AWS usage
  • remediate your account, ensure you’re cost optimising and getting the most out of the cloud for your applications
  • compliance with data storage regulations
  • compliance with security regulations and best practices
  • align your applications with a cloud native technology strategy
  • integrate your on-premise and cloud environments to get the best out of your hybrid environment
  • develop prototype deployments of your infrastructure on AWS
  • create a cloud migration strategy with you and implement it
  • engineer DevOps and CI/CD tools into your applications using AWS tools and services
  • and more,

To talk about AWS for your business, please contact our Cloud Team

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